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1 Southport Specific
1.1 Where should we eat in Southport?

Southport is home to *many* amazing restaurants & new ones pop up from time to time!  

We are asked this question many times a week at the store - so we thought we'd address it here, too.  Of course, now we're getting hungry....  When you ask us in store, each employee might have their own favorite or may have recently had a great experience and they want to share.  Everyone has different tastes & we love all of our local, small business neighbors & restaurants!  

Here are a few ideas on how to choose:

1) Is it a seasonally open place that you might not get to try on a winter visit?  Try it when you can!

2) Make sure you all love seafood or make sure there are other options for all of your party.

3) Are they open for dinner only?  Try somewhere else for lunch, then!

4) Do they take reservations & is that important to you?  Some places are wait list only, and some take reservations.  Some people are ok with a wait, some aren't!  

5) Do you want super casual or a finer dining experience?  Southport (and the area) offer a wide range of experiences most with superb food even if it's casual (I mean, it's Southport, most everything is casual, right?!).  Do you prefer A/C or open air?  Table linens or picnic tables?  A view or a place to duck & hide?  

You can't go wrong with anything downtown, at the waterfront, or along Moore/Howe Streets.  Come by or email us to tell us YOUR favorite!  


1.2 Can I walk there?

Southport's quaint downtown area is absolutely walkable - we will only preface this with time of year!  If it's super hot & humid, make sure to grab some water or another cold, hydrating beverage as you stroll around!

The yacht basin is only really 2-3 blocks from Lantana's, the cemetery is only really about 3-1/2 blocks from Lantana's the other way, the water tower is really only 3-1/2 blocks from Lantana's - and of course the Cape Fear River is definitely only 1/2 a block from our store!  

The salubrious breezes of the waterfront are included in every shipment from our online store.  

Things farther out are Burney's Bakery or Bob's.  That might be pushing it, but still absolutely doable.  Bob's has snacks, drinks, convenience items.  Burney's has those fried croissants, omg!  Loco Jo's or Shop Girl/Mad River/Meesha's are absolutely walkable and you'll see lots of other shops along the way.  We don't recommend walking all the way to the Pub or Walgreen's, for instance.  If you are on a boat, it can be done, of course - but try the new General Store or Silvercoast Winery, perhaps!  (Or take an Uber!)  

2 Damages & Not Ideal Circumstances
2.1 What if my item arrived damaged?

We are so sorry! We do our best to package everything safely, but these things do happen. Never fear! We want to make this right for you as soon as possible!

Please email photos to hilary(at)Lantanasgallery(dot)com or call us to get the process started. We require photos in lieu of returning a damaged item. Upon visual verification, we will send out a new item right away. 

In some cases, there may be a delay to procure the same color or style if we are out of stock. In the event of a long delay, we will be in touch to see what is the best remedy for you. 

In the event of damage to a one of kind item (which we do not expect to happen!), please contact us so that we can see photos and determine a return to us (in the case of artist work, for instance). In this case, will process a refund. 

2.2 Can I return an item I bought online?

While all sales are final, all online & in store purchases from Lantana's Gallery are returnable for store credit within 10 days.

We recommend contacting us for return confirmation.

Returns from our online sales or a gift are returnable for credit as long as the item is in original condition / packaging and arrives back to us within 10 days. 

Return shipping & packaging is your responsibility.  Items damaged in return shipping are not the responsibility of Lantana's Gallery (sorry, we are a small business, please use best practices in packaging & insuring your return).

We will process the credit & email or mail you a gift card that can be used online or in store.  If you set up an account with us, your credit will be available through the account the next time you shop online or in the store!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

2.3 How do I send my item back?

Shipping & packaging is your responsibility when you send something back to us for a return or exchange.

Please understand, we are a small, family run business that's not able to absorb the costs of return freight.  We want you to love your purchase or gift, though, too!  

We recommend reusing the packaging your item came in if it is in good condition.  Keep in mind, if you can shake the box & feel movement, it's NOT stable yet!  Add more bubble or paper packing around the items to keep them from shifting in transit - especially for fragile items!  If you are in doubt, UPS offer packing services at their stores.  

Please note:  Items returned to us that are damaged in shipment are not the responsibility of Lantana's to replace.  

2.4 How long do I have to return an item?

Please send your item back within 10 days of receiving it.  

We cannot process returns past this time frame.  If you are unsure, please email or call us before you send the package.  Items returned outside of the 10 day window will be returned as is unless prior approval is granted.

3 Specific Items & gift cards
3.1 Can I order a gift card online?

Of course!  

Our system will automatically send an eCard to your lucky recipient with a note from us.  You can choose the "image" that will be sent in the email.  This eCard can be used online or in our store.

If you prefer a physical card mailed out, please email or call us so we can take care of you!  

hilary(at) or 910-457-0957

3.2 Why don't I see the item I love from Lantana's online?

We are doing our best to keep adding alllllll of the many amazing goods and art that Lantana's offers - if you would like a specific item, please reach out to us & we can get that added pretty quickly for your shopping convenience.

Use the contact form, email us, or just give us a call to let us know what you'd like!


3.3 I saw a color in person or on the brand website, but I don't see it on your website - can I get that?

Thanks for asking!  

The answer is "maybe" and very dependent on what item you mean!

We are happy to help if we can get the color/style you want - please reach out to us.

In some cases, items are one of kind colors, limited edition colors, out of stock, variable, or other circumstances that might prevent us from getting it exact.  You know us, we will try as best we can, though!  

4 How do I make a Wishlist?
4.1 I see that you do an online wishlist! How do I do this?

Good question!  You will see a heart shape next to the add to cart button and on the upper right of product photos.  Once you've set up your account, you can click this heart & items will be added to your wishlist!  

Go to the wishlist page to share it with people who might need a gift for you!