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About Us

Established in 2007 by Jim & Deb Meehan, Lantana's quickly evolved into a sought after local store in Southport, NC.  Their daughter, Hilary, joined them only 6 months after opening to help with curating the collection, sales and marketing, and everyday management.  

Lantana's started on a sleepy side street near the old fire station & the post office in the downstairs of an historic home with a shady porch and rockers.  There were several funky "rooms" of our initial offerings that Jim & Deb put together from many of the handmade items they always loved like Blenko, Frog Valley Metal, Hadley Pottery, MacKenzie-Childs and other hand crafted items.  We slowly grew our local artist collection from the early days, too.  

In 2010 we moved to the current location on South Howe Street, just half a block from the river.  This new location really brought greater exposure and grew our customer / fan base exponentially!  We brought back M-C after dropping it during the economic downturn of 2008/2009.  We grew our team shortly after this move, too!  You might have seen Lin, Monica, Becky, Briton, Olivia, or Sadie during a visit, along with Hilary, Jim or Deb.  

In 2015, Hilary "retired" (HA!) and moved to focus on her own creative pursuits.  Jim and Deb invited their other daughter, Maureen (Mo), to join the business & she said Yes!  Mo is now the owner of Lantana's Gallery with Jim and Deb retired officially.  Oh, you know you're likely to see them every once in a while, though!  They still love Lantana's!  Deb shops there or comes by for gallery walks and special events.  Jim can't get enough of the behind the scenes, so he's helping out with keeping the books for Mo, some, too!  We are truly a family business. 

Thanks for your support - we love sharing the great art & funky gifts that we find with you all!